Certified DMV dealer education from actual licensed dealer / brokers since 1998

If you are serious about getting your

California used car dealer license


The car business is full of DMV rules & regulations

Making mistakes is an integral part of learning the car business

Lessons learned while operating your own dealership last a long time

Learning from an actual experienced licensed retail dealer / broker

gives you a fantastic head start in the business

Getting your dealer license class certificate is important


Would you be surprised to know ???

Many of the DMV Certified dealer education providers

have never sold or brokered a car to the public

Some have limited wholesale experience or none at all

Book knowledge is wonderful

but in order to build & create a solid used car dealership

should you not invest in a teaching group

licensed as a retail dealer / broker since 1998

TriStar Motors LLC is just such a teacher

We are proudly the largest and most qualified

dealer education providers in California