tesla extended warranty ??? perhaps install a fire extinguisher

Auto Vehicle Fires: Be Prepared in Case of an Emergency


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recently acknowledged that a vehicle fire problem exists in the United States. According to NFPA statistics, more people died from highway vehicle fires than from apartment fires in 2004. Yet, few drivers think of a fire extinguisher as a critical component of their car safety kit. Reports show that on average, a vehicle fire occurs once every two minutes, and most happen during the summer months – June, July and August. A fire extinguisher within reach inside the vehicle can be useful in an emergency or to quickly put out a small, smoldering fire.


  • More than 266,000 highway vehicle fires occurred in 2004, causing nearly $1 billion in property loss, cites the National Fire Protection Association.
  • Between 1999-2002, passenger cars accounted for 80 percent of the nearly 270,000 highway vehicle fires.
  • Mechanical or electrical failures cause more than two-thirds (71 percent) of highway vehicle fires, and 66 percent begin in the engine, running gear or wheel area.
  • According to consumer affairs Web sites, many automobile owners who experienced mechanical-related vehicle fires initially smelled a strange odor then witnessed smoke filtering from under the hood or wheel area.
  • Once flames occur in the engine, it takes an average of four minutes for the fire to reach the passenger compartment, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
  • On average, Americans commute 52 minutes to and from work. That equals nine days a year spent in the car, not counting road trips or vacations. (ABC News Poll)
  • All commercial vehicles must have at least one UL-rated 5-B:C extinguisher, or a 10- B:C unit if carrying hazardous materials. Passenger cars do not need to carry fire extinguishers, yet automobiles are involved in 12 times as many fires as commercial freight trucks and result in larger numbers of casualties and a larger dollar loss.


  • Make sure that everyone has exited the vehicle.
  • Notify the fire department before attempting to extinguish the fire.
  • Use your extinguisher only to keep a small, smoldering, contained fire from growing or to create a safe pathway from the vehicle.
  • Read the instructions and become familiar with your fire extinguisher’s parts and operation BEFORE a fire breaks out.
  • Remember the “PASS” system:
    • Pull the pin. Hold unit upright.
    • Aim at the base of the fire.
    • Squeeze lever.
    • Sweep from side to side.

Sources: National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) and Department of Transportation (DOT)

central valley car dealer education

turlock dmv car dealer license inspector lucy silva

congratulations on your recent dmv service retirement


good luck with your new car dealer education business

to reach lucy silva at her new location:

Modesto/Central Valley Dealer Education
Phone: 1-209-535-8910





we make it easy

modesto car dealer school…..taught by a real car dealer

imagine this

a real car dealer teaching car dealer school

would you be surprized to know

we are the only licensed retail car dealers

certified to teach car dealer education

we are not attorneys

we are not tax advisors

we are not bond agents

we are not insurance salespeople

we are not selling you car dealer forms


with real life experience

we specialize in california dmv certified car dealer license training

no one does it better

getting started requires our

Car Dealer Class


Your Car Dealer Bond

$ 10,000 baby bond for wholesale only and retail motorcycles

$ 50,000 dealer bond for unrestricted wholesale, retail selling and auto-brokering

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dlr plate


dmv auction access and car dealer plates from the #realcardealerschool ???


here is the latest list of dmv certified car dealer schools

each instructor will tell you they are the best, most experienced & how lousy the competition is


only the #realcardealerschool can show you their license

proudly licensed and teaching since 1998

TriStar Motors LLC

DLR License 35862

Main Location Information
Tel: (415)552-1011
Location Opened : 05/02/2008
Location Closed:
Licensed to Provide,
Offer or Sell:
Used Snowmobile Dealer.
Used Auto/Commercial Vehicle Dealer.
Used Motorcycle Vehicle Dealer.
Used Trailer Vehicle Dealer.
License Information
License No.: 35862
License First Issued: 09/22/1998
Operator or Contact:
Mailing Address: P O BOX 883
APTOS CA 95001

DMV Instructor CCC0004


where the rubber meets the road

and the rest fall behind

come and see us in one of 39 california teaching locations





DMV Dealer Education Providers

Dealer education providers are listed by the type of class offered and area served. All classes are held in a classroom unless noted in the first column.

*Pre-licensing only
**Continuing Education only
DMV has not approved any “on-line” Pre-Licensing Programs

Area and
Type of Class Offered
Online/Home Study Continuing Education title  title Northern Area title Central Area title Southern Area title Provider
X X X X X TriStar Motors, LLC
Phone: 1-800-901-5950
Internet: www.gotplates.com
X X X X X 24-7 Dealer Training Specialists
Phone: 1-951-833-8398
Internet: www.24-7dealerclass.com
X X California Auto Dealer Education
Phone: 1-661-871-3311
Internet: www.cadeclasses.com
X Central Valley Dealers Licensing Renewal Service
Licensing Renewal Service
Phone: 1-209-333-0900
Email: chuckwentland@aol.com
X Superior Vehicle Dealer Training Institute
Phone: 1-949-305-8402
Internet: www.superiorbonds.com
X X Inland Empire/Orange County Dealer School
Phone: 1-909-648-0446
Internet: www.bigcardealer.com
X X X Dealer Training Experts of Northern California
Phone: 1-408-910-3876
Internet: www.dealersclass.com
X X X X X Dealer Intel
Phone: 1-415-613-4754
Internet: www.dealerintel.com
X X X X X $85 Dealer Education
Phone: 1-951-541-8390
Internet: www.waynesinsurance.com
X X X X Los Angeles Dealer School
Phone: 1-310-227-6920
Internet: www.dealerclass.com
*X Dealer License Seminars of San Diego
Phone: 1-619-665-6440
Internet: www.dealerseminars.com
X X X X X Golden State Educational Services
Phone: 1-916-470-4384
Email: chinastew@aol.com
X X X X X Dealer Education Services
Phone: 1-888-323-0031
Internet: www.dealereducation.com
X X Coffer Dealer Education
Phone: 1-888-694-1444
Internet: www.cofferdealereducation.com
X Cesar Carrascos Dealer Licensing Seminars
Phone: 1-619-474-0477
Internet: www.carrascogroup.com
X X Dealers Support Group
Phone: 1-818-758-9951
Internet: www.dealerssupport.com
X X California Accredited Dealer Education
Phone: (714) 300-4148
Email:: cadeclass@aol.com
X X X X X ATG Dealer School
Phone: 1-818-909-7912
Internet: www.atgdealerschool.com
X Bell’s Automotive Dealer
Phone: 1-909-202-9204
Email: bell2automotive@yahoo.com
**X Auto Support Group
Phone: 1-714-588-1511
Email: E2000perez@yahoo.com
X X Dealer Lessons
Phone: 1-877-772-3332
Internet: www.dealerlessons.com
X Online Auto Dealer Ed
Phone: 1-877-724-6150
Internet: www.onlineautodealered.com
X Colby Learning Center of San Diego
Phone: 1-619-559-5748
Email: colbylearning@aol.com
X X Modesto/Central Valley Dealer Education
Phone: 1-209-535-8910
X Best Solutions
Phone: 1-619-546-4064
X X X X X Motorsports Market On-Line Courses, Live Classes and Home Study
Phone: 1-800-980-1967
Internet: www.motorsportsmarket.com
X A-1 Auto Dealers Support Group
Phone: 1-323-781-7130
Internet: www.a1autodealerssg.com
X X X X X Automotive Systems Analysis
Phone: 1-800-564-0984
Internet: www.autosystemsanalysis.com
X X X X X FFW Auto Group
Phone: 1-415-644-8052
Internet: www.ffwautogroup.com
X Dealers Mark Vehicle Education
Phone: 1-714-767-7467
Internet: www.dealersmark.com
*X Priority One Motors
Phone: 1-310-346-4268
Email: priorityonemotors@gmail.com

Last updated: 10/17/2014

how to get your car dealer license in california

we make it easy for you to get licensed

first step

take our car dealer class and pass the dmv examination

second step

prepare and submit your application, car dealer bond and photos

third step

meet your dmv inspector for your location inspection

and you will be licensed

dmv certified car dealer education

dmv auction access

dmv license plates






car dealer bond FAQ

Car Dealer Bond Vital Info…

What is a dealer bond?

The car dealer bond protects your customers against fraudulent or unethical actions by a dealer.

The bond assures the dealer is financially secure in cases where a customer is cheated by a dealer.

The DMV and flooring company can also make claims against this dealer bond.

Can I make a down payment and then pay monthly for the dealer bond?



for the best rates on a retail or wholesale car dealer bond

and ask about our 30% down payment option.

All surety bond carriers ask for payment of the bond in full,


Your Car Dealer Bond

has set up a financing program to give

California dealers access to a payment plan for their DMV bond.


The DMV needs the OL-25 form signed – what is this and where do I get it?

The OL 25 is your surety dealer bond.

The original bond that will be sent from your bond carrier will meet this requirement.

How long does it take to receive the initial dealer bond quote?

Approximately 24 hours, unless your FICO score is below 650.

Then the process usually takes 2 days.

How long does it take to receive the originally-signed dealer bond needed to obtain my license?

From the time we receive your payment,

it’s typically a week to 10 days before your receive your bond in hand depending on where you are located in the country.

We’ve invested in check-by-fax and check-by-email to help expedite our service.

What if I have had some credit issues (bankruptcies, short-sales, foreclosures, etc.)

Most dealers these days have encountered credit issues of some sort.

We have the most competitive surety carriers for all credit levels so no worries if your credit is less than perfect!

I started with a $10,000 bond because I am a wholesale dealer and thought I would sell 24 vehicles or less per year.

Will the surety company increase the limit of my bond from $10,000 to $50,000 for additional premium

if I will sell 25 or more cars or I want to retail or auto broker?

Unfortunately not.

Once your DMV inspector accepts your bond and issues your dealer license, the surety company will not make any refunds whatsoever.

The $10,000 bond would have to be canceled and a $50,000 bond would need to be written without a credit or refund.

Can I pay with a credit card?

You sure can.

For your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

A standard convenience charge of 5% will be applied.

While we hope you don’t need to incur this additional expense, some of our customers have found this option extremely helpful.

More Important Info about Your Car Dealer Bond…

RIDER Process: needing a rider can be very frustrating if it’s only needed because your app was incomplete or something was incorrect. One of most common reasons for a rider that we see is the dealer forgot to put his middle name on the app. The cost is $100 and having to go through this process will add on 2 – 3 weeks to the time before you can be licensed. We are here to help and would rather spend 10 minutes answering your questions to provide you with the best possible experience with respects to your bond acquisition.

The two (2) most time-consuming steps of the car dealer licensing process are:

  • getting the LiveScan fingerprints into the Department of Justice system. This takes about 45 days and costs about $70; and
  • forming a corp. or LLC (if applicable). This also takes about 45 – 60 days, although the Secretary of State offers an expedited service for about $375 vs. about $100.





should you use gotplates.com to get your car dealer license ???


Should You Get a Car Dealer’s License?

1.  Car Dealer Auction Access

2.  Wholesale Acquisition from Franchise new car Dealers

3.  Sell as many cars as you like

4.  Personal Use of car dealer license plates

5.  Efficient Acquisition of vehicles

6.  Expenses become deductible as a business owner

7.  Network existing contacts into additional car sales

8.  Broker new Cars and make a finders fee

9.  Wholesale tax free parts and repairs

10.  Incredible savings even if you are a part time home based wholesale dealer


we make it simple for you to get licensed




got spanish cash contract forms ???



Cash Contract

Simple – SPANISH


California Civil Code Section 2981 mandates that sales contracts be completed when a motor vehilce is sold from a licensed entitiy (dealership). All contracts need to be in writing and must be contained on a single document. The contract is designed to protect both the consumer and the dealer by clearly stating the terms of the sale. The contract must include a proper description of the vehicle, the total cost and terms of the sale, as well as the prescribed disclosures required by statue. All contracts must be completed and signed by both parties (buyer and seller). Be sure to provide a clear copy of the contract to the consmer. This form is in complete compliance with disclosures, and is to be used for Cash in house deals when no financing is applicable. 14 3/4″ x 8 1/2″ – 2-part – 100 /pkg . Printed in Spanish.
  • Model: JF730SP

EZ Dealer Bond Quote

Car Dealer Forms Starter Kit

Used Car Dealer Insurance

call us if you need a teacher who speaks spanish

we are the leaders in

dmv certified car dealer education



in response to high demand

we are now offering a spanish language car dealer class

in modesto at crows landing for those who prefer a spanish teacher

we offer a downloadable spanish handbook after the class

Click here for Crows Landing class dates

you may call the instructor direct

Jorge Elizalde

El Tio Auto Sales



salinas #realcardealerschool

imagine a car dealer school

taught by real car dealers

we are the only ones with a

retail / autobroker car dealer license

who actually teach

dmv certified car dealer school

we are not attorneys

we are not selling forms

we are not bond agents

we do not sell insurance

we have no software for you

learn how to get licensed from the


classes in:




























does the beepi team realize just how outlaw they have become ???

we are students of the automotive sales industry

and retired law enforcement training officers

we run the largest dmv certified car dealer school in california

we have watched others pour millions

into failed disruptive technology attempts

look at carwoo

look at truecar

look at best offer

my 3 questions for the beepi.com disruptive technology model are these

where are the buyers guides??

where are the happy stickers??

where are the insured dealer plates??

if you have not addressed these three significant questions

your $ 65M startup is doomed for failure

perhaps a copy of my resume??

can i apply for your dmv liasion position??



our $ 500 startup

born with love in san francisco



the first step after the car dealer license class is to meet your dmv inspector

Then from the dmv website, www.dmv.ca.gov,

the student must find the:
list of DMV inspectors,
application for dealers license,
list of registration forms,


· Pay $ 16. and pass the DMV exam.

When you have studied and are prepared for the
DMV dealer examination the student will make an
appointment with the DMV Inspector.

The student will
need to take their:
CA photo ID & TriStar issued DMV Certificate of Completion.
The DMV dealer test is 30 minutes long, 40 questions,
multiple choice.
The student must get 28 correct out of 40, 70%, and
three chances are allowed on one certificate.
If the student does not pass, TriStar supplemental
training is always FREE.
If the student fails the test three times, TriStar will
make a full refund.



licensed wholesale auction access for $ 300. per month or less


we figure you will need $ 300. per month to legally operate

we estimate your wholesale

home based part time car dealer license

expenses below:

your car dealer bond $ 300.

your car dealer training $ 150.

your car dealer insurance $ 1800.

your car dealer license $ 150.

your car dealer plates $ 150.

your car dealer forms $ 200.

your car dealer office expenses $ 500.

your car dealer auction access $ 100.

your car dealer checking account $ 250.

get licensed with our car dealer school




get your car dealer pot of gold at the right price



some bond agents let their clients get arrested

some bond agents get arrested themselves

some bond agents overcharge


go to a bond agent

that will stand up for you

appreciates your business

and will never get you arrested


your car dealer bond

is a pot of gold

held for the government

to pay unpaid sales taxes

to pay unpaid registration fees

to pay any certified court orders


Call Mike today


Bond Application Online


always remember…respond…rescue…risk

And the “R” they are worthy of in return

By Alan Barcelona, President, California Statewide Law Enforcement Association

A Message To Our Members, Sworn & Non-Sworn:

Every law enforcement officer who wears a badge has taken an oath to protect and to serve,  even at his or her own peril.  On a daily basis, these fine, brave men and women RESPOND to calls for help and to very dangerous situations. They RESCUE citizens from harmful individuals and  accidents and in doing so, RISK their own safety and their lives.  They are in the face of danger and often have to make split-second decisions to save others and to save themselves.  Not every human is cut out for this stressful but proud profession and not every human is willing to make that kind of sacrifice for the safety of another, most often, a complete stranger.

In the wake of the “use of force” cases that are currently in the national spotlight, the anti-police rhetoric that has  followed, and the December 20th assassinations of New York City Police Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos – I want to remind the citizens of California and this nation, that no one puts more on the line each and every day than our law enforcement officers, our firefighters and those who serve in our military.

These law enforcement officers have families – they are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews and cousins.  They, like anyone else who goes to work, have a right to return home to their families at the end of their shifts.

Our law enforcement officers feel the anger and hatred from some of those they have taken an oath to protect, and that hurts.  Our law enforcement officers are in the thick of protestors who hurl rocks and bottles at them as the officers work to keep people and property safe, and that is sinful.  For misguided individuals to stand up in front of microphones and cameras denouncing the peace officers in this country is a shame.

Our law enforcement officers would never demand our RESPECT, they don’t have to – they are worthy of it.  My message to the law-abiding citizens in  this state and in the country is this: Don’t let our law enforcement officers stand alone to shoulder the brunt of anti-police rhetoric that is making headlines.  Let your officers know you are there for them just as they are there for you.  A kind word, a letter, a blue light on your porch.  Be the eyes and ears of our law enforcement officers and please watch their backs.

To our law enforcement officers:  Be safe, be true to your oath, take the necessary precautions to ensure you return home to your loved ones and stand tall!  The silent majority will rise to the occasion and thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

order your car dealer forms from gotplates.com


we specialize in car dealer education & compliance


every car dealer needs current up to date forms


our car dealer forms starter kit

make compliance simple for you

51 forms in total

including required spanish copies


single set $ 55.

five-pack $ 88.


we also have red prior history stickers

50 for $ 45.


Order Forms Today




got jody forster…..the forms lady ???



2-Part Buyers Guides

(100 per pack)


All auto dealers throughout the United States are required to display this two page (one page duplicated) form in the side window of every used vehicle offered for sale. The Federal Trade Commission oversees this regulation to disclose whether or not a dealer is offering any kind of warranty. The form must be prominently displayed on a vehicle’s window while the vehicle sits in the dealer’s inventory. The form may be removed from a window for a “test drive”, but must be returned to the window immediately upon return from the test drive if a sale is not consumated. If the vehicle is sold, the form is signed and part of the paperwork processed at delivery of the vehicle. The one and only purpose of this form is to disclose what warranties, if any, are included with the purchase if this vehicle. A “used vehicle” is defined by the Federal Trade Commission as any vehicle previously registered, and any vehicle previously used. This includes new vehicle rollbacks as well as unlicensed demonstrators (demos). There is an exemption for vehicles weighing in excess of 6,000 lbs. unladen weight, which means motorhomes and heavier duty trucks are exempt from the “Buyers Guide” regulations. Required by law for consumer protection on used vehicles, this form meets federal regulations. Pressure sensitive tape at the top and bottom holds this 2-part carbonless, 8 1/2″ wide x 11″ tall form to the window. Available in two styles: “As-Is” or “Implied Warranty”. Note, some states prohibit “As-Is” sales. Sold in packs of 100. Quantity Discount Prices available on quantities of 5 and 10 or more packs.
  • Model: JF 327




how to contact california dmv investigations

DMV Contacts

The Department of Motor Vehicles – Investigations Division is geographically organized into 3 Regions; Northern, Central, and Southern. Consisting of 9 Area Commands with 26 district supervisors directly supervising 26 district offices and 11 satellite offices. 


In addition, the Department has an internal investigations unit tasked with investigating allegations of employee misconduct. The Special Operations Command is located in Sacramento with 4 district supervisors directly supervising 3 district offices and 1 technical services unit.


It is the responsibility of the Area Commander to monitor division programs and services provided to the public. The Area Commander directs services through the Supervising Investigator at the district level.


Supervising Investigators oversee complex criminal, administrative, and civil investigations conducted by sworn investigators of the department involving


In the performance of their duties and under the general oversight of the Area Commander, DMV Supervising Investigators and Investigators investigate the following types of crimes:


  • Unlicensed dealer activity;
  • Unlicensed dismantler activity;
  • Identity theft;
  • Financial fraud;
  • Fraudulent and counterfeit DMV documents;
  • Vehicle identification and Odometer fraud;
  • Vehicle industry fraud (consumer fraud);
  • DMV related high tech computer crimes; and
  • Internal investigations.



To further investigations, DMV Investigators utilize some investigative techniques such as:


  • Participate in surveillance and undercover operations;
  • Prepare and serve search and arrest warrants;
  • Testify as expert witnesses; and
  • Work in cooperation with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.






The Area Commander’s report to a Deputy Chief for each region.


Region I – Northern California

Lisa McMillan, Deputy Chief

2120 Broadway MS-215

Sacramento, CA 95818

Phone: (916) 657-5983

Fax: (916) 657-8350


Region I – Northern consists of the Bay, Central and Northern Area Commands.


The Bay Area Command has four Investigative District Offices which are located in Brisbane and Milpitas (three).  Please refer to DMV website at www.dmv.ca.gov for a listing of the office addresses and phone numbers.  To write or contact the Bay Area Commander:


Region I – Bay Area Command

Lisa Martinez, Area Commander

860 Hillview Court, Suite 100

Milpitas, CA 95035

Phone: TBD

Fax: TBD

The Central Area Command has three Investigative District Offices, which are located in Fresno, Bakersfield and Stockton. Please refer to DMV website at www.dmv.ca.gov for a listing of the office addresses and phone numbers.  To write or contact the Central Area Commander:


Region I – Central Area Command

Tom Wilson, Area Commander

2510 S. East Avenue, Suite 100B

Fresno, CA 93706

Phone: (559) 444-2529

Fax: (559) 444-2530



The Northern Area Command has three Investigative District Offices which are located in Rocklin, Sacramento and Vallejo. Please refer to DMV website at www.dmv.ca.gov for a listing of the office addresses and phone numbers.  To write or contact the Northern Area Commander:



Region I – Northern Area Command

Mary Bienko, Area Commander

4240 Rocklin Road #11

Rocklin, CA 95677

Phone: (916) 630-5616

Fax: (916) 630-5600




Region II Southern California

Vacant, Deputy Chief

750 The City Drive, Suite 200

Orange, CA 92868

Phone: (714) 703-4108

Fax: (714) 703-4138


Region II Southern consists of the Inland, Orange and Southern Area Commands.


The Inland Area Command has two Investigative District Offices, which are located in Riverside.  Please refer to DMV website at www.dmv.ca.gov for a listing of the office addresses and phone numbers.  To write or contact the Inland Area Commander:


Region II – Inland Area Command

Gregory Huber, Area Commander

6296 River Crest Drive, Suite A

Riverside, CA 92507

Phone: (951) 697-4546

Fax: (951) 656- 4671


The Orange Area Command has two Investigative District Offices, which are located in Orange, CA.  Please refer to DMV website at www.dmv.ca.gov for a listing of the office addresses and phone numbers.  To write or contact the Orange Area Commander:


Region II – Orange Area Command

Elizabeth Devellerez, Area Commander

750 The City Drive, Suite 200

Orange, CA 92868

Phone: (714) 703-4100

Fax: (714) 703-4128


The Southern Area Command has three Investigative District Offices, which are located in San Diego (two) and Chula Vista. Please refer to DMV website at www.dmv.ca.gov for a listing of the office addresses and phone numbers.  To write or contact the Southern Area Commander:


Region II – Southern Area Command

Theodora Claudio, Area Commander

2878 Camino Del Rio South #310

San Diego, CA 92108

Phone: (619) 767-2355

Fax: (619) 491-3070



Region III Central California

Vito Scattaglia, Deputy Chief

14400 Van Nuys Blvd.,

Arleta, CA 91331

Phone: (818) 686-3417

Fax: (818) 899-5896


Region III Central consists of the Midland, Pacific and Valley Area Commands.


The Midland Area Command has three Investigative District Offices, which are located in El Monte, Los Angeles, and West Covina.  Please refer to DMV website at www.dmv.ca.gov for a listing of the office addresses and phone numbers.  To write or contact the Midland Area Commander:


Region III – Midland Area Command

Eugene Devellerez, Area Commander

3204 Rosemead Boulevard #204

El Monte, CA 91731

Phone: (626) 927-1094

Fax: (626) 927-1097



The Pacific Area Command has three Investigative District Offices, which are located in Artesia (two) and Culver City. Please refer to DMV website at www.dmv.ca.gov for a listing of the office addresses and phone numbers.  To write or contact the Pacific Area Commander:


Region III – Pacific Area Command

Stephanie Wheaton, Area Commander

621 N. La Brea Avenue

Inglewood, CA 90302

Phone: (310) 412-6111

Fax: (310) 412-6443


The Valley Area Command has three Investigative District Offices, which are located in Lincoln Park, Mission Hills, and Ventura.  Please refer to DMV website at www.dmv.ca.gov for a listing of the office addresses and phone numbers.  To write or contact the Valley Area Commander:


Region III – Valley Area Command

Paula Lucero, Area Commander

15455 San Fernando Mission Blvd., #305

Mission Hills, CA 91345

Phone: (818) 365-4202

Fax: (818) 361-7351





The Special Operations Command has three Investigative District Offices, which are located in Sacramento, West Covina, and Riverside. Please refer to DMV website at www.dmv.ca.govfor a listing of the office addresses and phone numbers. To write or contact the Special Operations Commander;


Special Operations Command

Lilia Duarte, Area Commander

2120 Broadway, MS N215

Sacramento, CA 95818

Phone: (916) 657-7094

Fax: (916) 657-8350

turn your car dealer experience into a teaching gig


if you have experience in the car business

we have openings for qualified teachers

we run the largest car dealer school in america

we are certified by the california dmv since 1998



the retail side of this business is complex

the wholesale side could not be more simple

teaching car dealer school can be fun and exciting

we deal with over 50 cultures in california


we teach old scholl business principles

honor your obligations

treat customers well

respect yourself and your staff

making money can be fun and exciting


if you are interested

we will need a resume and a background check

please call Charlotte today




yes marcella…our online DMV car dealer license practice examination really works

the pre-licensing car dealer school powerpoint practice examination

enables the car dealer licensing student to take a test drive

thru the dmv certified pre-licensing in-person course

we make it simple for anyone to get licensed



see you there




powerpoint practice DMV examination for car dealer license applicants:


what is this new vehicle history law from the dmv ???

What is AB1215?
California Assembly Bill 1215 requires that all licensed auto dealers in California run vehicle history reports through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) for each used vehicle sold, with a red warning sticker required on vehicles reported to be salvage, total loss, or title-branded.

How much does it cost?
$ 1.00 per report
There are no setup fees, no subscription fees, and no charge if records aren’t found.

How do I get started?
Getting started is easy! There’s no setup fee and no subscription fee. Simply register below to get a VinAudit.com dealer account below, and we’ll send you the details on how to load your balance and generate history reports.