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BHPH car dealers must now post the book value on each vehicle offered for sale

BHPH Dealer Requirements

The new legislation requires BHPH dealers, on every vehicle sold or leased, to:

Restrict the use of global positioning satellite (GPS) and starter interrupt devices,
unless the buyer has been advised. As with all consumer advisory requirements, the
department recommends the advisory statement be in writing and the buyer’s
signature is obtained on such written document.

Affix and prominently display a label on any used vehicle offered for retail sale that
states the reasonable market value of the vehicle. The label must meet all of the
following conditions:

—Printed with a heading in at least 16-point bold type that reads


with text at least 12-point type.

—Located adjacent to the Used Car Buyer’s Guide located prominently and
conspicuously on the vehicle so that it is readily readable.

—Identify all equipment included with the vehicle.

—Contain the information used to determine the reasonable market value of the
vehicle, including, but not limited to, the use of a nationally recognized pricing
guide for used vehicles.

—Contain the date the reasonable market value was determined.

—Indicate that the reasonable market value is being provided only for comparison
shopping and is not the retail sales price or the advertised price of the vehicle.


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california has a new dmv director, congratulations jean

SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced the following appointments.

Jean Shiomoto, 57, of Sacramento, has been appointed director of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, where she has been acting director since 2013 and has served in multiple positions since 1988, including chief deputy director, chief of operations, deputy director of the communication programs division, chief financial officer, advisor to the director and chief deputy director, controller, fiscal officer, cost accounting manager and systems development manager. She was an accounting administrator at the California Franchise Tax Board in 1988 and served in multiple positions at the California Department of General Services from 1980 to 1988, including fiscal systems manager, systems development analyst and auditor. Shiomoto was an auditor at the California Department of Developmental Services in 1980. She is a member of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators Board of Directors and president of the Asian Community Center of Sacramento Valley Board of Directors. This position requires Senate confirmation and the compensation is $150,000. Shiomoto is a Democrat.


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how to complete your DMV car dealer license application


The purpose of this pamphlet is to inform the prospective vehicle dealer applicant of the requirements to obtain
a license from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and provides detailed information and instructions in
completing and submitting your application.




We have tried to arrange this book in much the same order you should follow in establishing your business. In
addition, to assist you, we’ve created check lists (New Dealer Application, OL 249A or Used Dealer and Autobroker,
OL 249B or Dealer-Wholesale Only, OL 248C) listing the items required when submitting your application to the
department. These check lists may be downloaded from our website at



The information required on the attached forms pertain to eligibility for issuance of an occupational license. It is
required under authority of Division 5 of the California Vehicle Code. Failure to provide the information is cause for
refusal to issue an occupational license.


Application information is public record, regularly used by law enforcement agencies, and is open to inspection by
the public. Some information contained in these records is classiied as conidential or personal pursuant to the
Information Practices Act of 1977 and the Public Records Act and is exempt from disclosure. Individuals are entitled
to inspect or obtain copies of information contained in their record during regular office hours.
The Deputy Director of the Licensing Operations Division,

2570 24th Street, Sacramento, CA. 95818,

is responsible
for maintaining record information.



Section 285 of the California Vehicle Code (CVC) deines a dealer who:
(a) For commission, money, or other thing of value, sells, exchanges, buys or offers for sale, negotiates or attempts
to negotiate, a sale or exchange of an interest in a vehicle subject to registration or a motorcycle, snowmobile,
subject to identiication under this code, or induces or attempts to induce any person to buy or exchange an
interest in a vehicle and, who receives or expects to receive a commission, money brokerage fees, proit, or any
other thing of value, from either the seller or purchaser of said vehicle; or
(b) Is engaged wholly or in part in the business of selling vehicles or buying or taking in trade, vehicles for the
purpose of resale, selling, or offering for sale, or consigned to be sold, or otherwise dealing in vehicles, whether
or not such vehicles are owned by the person.



A background investigation is conducted on all applicants and disclosure of a conviction may result in a temporary
operating permit not being issued.
Failure to disclose any and all convictions may result in the refusal, denial, or revocation of your license.
Pursuant to CVC Section 11703, the department may refuse to issue a license to any applicant who has been
convicted of a crime or committed any act or engaged in any conduct involving moral turpitude which is substantially
related to the qualiications, functions, or duties of the licensed activity.
A plea of nolo contendere is a conviction within the meaning of this section. In addition, Article 4 and Article 6.1
of Title 13, of the California Code of Regulations (CCR) provide guidelines used by the department in determining
whether a license should be issued.


$175.00 Nonrefundable original application fee.
$ 1.00 Family Support Program fee.
$100.00 Autobroker (plus original application fee).
$ 70.00 For each branch location (if applicable).
$225.00 New Motor Vehicle Board Fee
Required for new auto-commercial and motorcycle dealers, all-terrain vehicle, motorhome, and
recreational trailer dealers only per location.
$ 70.00 For each dealer plate (plus county fees, if applicable).*
$ 72.00 For each motorcycle plate (plus county fees, if applicable).*
* This figure will vary depending on the county where your business is located. Contact your Inspector for the total
plate fee due for your location.
NOTE: Plates are optional, not mandatory.
Applicants with convictions, prior departmental actions, business bankruptcies, and/or outstanding
civil judgements related to the automobile industry, must file an Abbreviated Application.


• OL 248A New Dealer Application Check List OR
OL 248B Used Dealer, Dealer-Wholesale Only, and Autobroker Application Check List
• OL 12 Application for Original Occupational License, (Part C)
• OL 21A Original Application for Occupational License, (Part A)
• OL 25 Surety Bond of Dealer ($50,000) OR
OL 25B Surety Bond of Motorcycle Dealer, Motorcycle Lessor-Retailer, All-Terrain Vehicle
Dealer, or Wholesale-Only Dealer (Less Than 25 Vehicles Per Year) $10,000


OL 65/OL 94 with Cash Bond


OL 64/OL65 with Passbook or Certiicate of Deposit

• OL 53 Authorization to Release Financial Information
• OL 124 Certiicate of Proposed Franchise
Required for new automobile, commercial, motorcycle, all- terrain vehicle, motorhome, and
recreational trailer dealers only.
• OL 902 Property Use Veriication for Vehicle Dealer’s License
• OL 29 Application for Occupational License Personal History Questionnaire, (Part B)
Required for each person listed under ownership on form OL 12.
• ADM 9050 Appointment of Director as Agent for Service of Process
• DMV 8016 Request for Live Scan Clearance (yellow copy).
Required for each person completing form OL 29. Details on page 9. Out-of-state applicants
call Occupational Licensing at (916) 229-3126 for Fingerprint Card (ADM 1316).



• Used Vehicle Dealer or Dealer Wholesale-Only license only
− The original Certiicate of Completion issued by a dealer education program provider
− Proof of successfully passing the Used Dealer Test administered by DMV
• Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or Limited Liability Partnership Owned Businesses Only
A copy of the Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Minutes, or other document iled with the Secretary of State
which identiies the officers, share holders and managers, if iling as a Corporation, Limited Liability Company or
Limited Liability Partnership owned business only.
• Copy of your Fictitious Name Statement
Any business that operates under a name not the actual name of the owner is required to obtain a Fictitious
Name Statement from the city or county in the area where your business is located. If the responsible agency
determines this is not required, a letter supporting such from that agency is needed.
• Copy of lease or rental agreement
• Copy of Your City and/or County Business License
Applicants are required to obtain a city or county business license by the city or county licensing section in the
area where your business is located.
• Copy of Board of Equalization Resale Permit
All applicants are required to file an application for a Seller’s Permit. The purpose of the permit is to enable the
licensee to collect taxes on sales. A dealer-wholesale only does not collect taxes but is required to file quarterly
reports. Applications can be made through local State Board of Equalization offices.
• Photograph(s) of Business Location
• Letter of Authorization
Required for new trailer dealers only. The letters of authorization must be on the issuing manufacturers,
distributors, or remanufacturers letterhead and must show either the business or corporate name and address
of the irm exactly as it appears on the application. A letter of authorization is required for each make being sold.
NOTE: Incomplete applications will be returned.



New/Used Auto-Commercial

Sell new/used automobiles and trucks to the public and licensed vehicle
Used Auto-Commercial

Sell used automobiles and trucks to the public and licensed vehicle dealers.
Dealer-Wholesale Only

Sell to licensed vehicle dealers only.

Provide the service of arranging, negotiating, assisting, or effectuating, for a
fee or compensation, the purchase of a new or used vehicle, not owned by
the dealer, for a person(s).


The type of dealers license you are applying for will determine your location requirements.



TYPE LICENSE   Property Use   Office   Sign   Display Area
New/Used A/C              •                        •             •                      •
Used A/C                          •                        •             •                      •
Wholesale Only              •                        •
Autobroker                      •                        •             •

• Property Use Verification

− Your business location must be in an area appropriate for the type of business you wish to conduct. Before
signing a lease or rental agreement, check with the agency responsible for completing the Property Use
Veriication for Vehicle Dealers License (OL 902) to ensure appropriate property use.
• Office

− Your office must be devoted exclusively for the use of your business with entry directly from the outside.Your
office must have a telephone, desk, and a filing cabinet.
− All books and records pertinent to the business must be maintained at the office (320(b) CVC).

• Sign

− Not less than 2 square feet (11709(a) CVC).

− Readable from a distance of at least 50 feet (11709(a) CVC).

− Provide information as to the dealer’s name and address (11709(a) CVC).

− Permanent in nature, able to withstand weather conditions, and erected on the exterior of the office

(408.00 CA Code of Regulations).

• Display Area

− Must be situated on the same property.
− Must be of a sufficient size to physically accommodate vehicle(s) of a type for which the dealership is
licensed to sell (409.00 CA Code of Regulations).
− Additional display areas are permitted (display only, exclusive use, and sales are not permitted) within a
radius of 1,000 feet from the principal place of business and any licensed branch location without being
subject to separate licensing (409.00(a) CA Code of Regulations).


IMPORTANT NOTE: The department will perform on site inspections to confirm the contents of photographs.
Submission of fraudulent application form(s) and/or photograph(s) is grounds to refuse to issue this and any
subsequent license.

− Photographs must be clear enough to ensure compliance with requirements.

− Each photograph must be dated and signed.

− Photograph must be attached to a sheet of paper, labeled and numbered according to directions below.


TYPE LICENSE               Office   Location   Sign   Display Area
Wholesale Only                    •                 •
New Vehicle Dealer            •                 •               •                    •
Used Vehicle Dealer           •                 •               •                   •
Autobroker (no retail)       •                 •               •


• Office
− Photographs must clearly show an office set up to perform the duties required by the license type, including
adequate secure storage for accountable materials and records.
• Entrance
− Photograph(s) of the office entrance, which includes the office address from the outside of the building.
(NOTE: See directions under sign for further directions if the address is not affixed near the office entrance
or to the exterior of the building.)
− If the office entrance is not directly accessible from the exterior, then a photograph from the corridor showing
the direct entrance is also required.

• Office Use
− Exclusive Office Use: A full photograph from the entrance to the back wall which includes both side walls.
Option: Two or more photographs that can be placed together covering the entire office area.
− Non-Exclusive Office Use: Businesses involving vehicles or their component parts must be conducted
separate from other types of businesses. Provide photographs that clearly show the physical division
between businesses involving vehicles or their component parts, (1670 CVC).

• Books and Records
− Photograph(s) of where the books and records pertinent to the type of business being conducted are kept
(320 CVC).

• Sign
− Photograph(s) must clearly show a sign permanently affixed to the exterior of the building, visible from a
distance of fifty (50) feet. If the address is not visible on the exterior of the building, then it must appear on
the sign.

− Sign From Fifty (50) Feet:

A photograph of the sign from a distance of fifty (50) feet is required.

− Sign From Property Entrance:

A photograph of the sign from the nearest public entrance to the property.

• Display Area

− Photograph(s) must clearly show an area large enough for the type of vehicle(s) for sale and must be for the
exclusive use of the licensee.
− Photographs of the complete display area.
− Photograph(s) that shows the proximity of the display area(s) to the office. If the display area is not in the
immediate vicinity of the office, another permanently installed sign is required to identify the business name
and office address.
− Photograph(s) that includes display area sign(s). If utilizing designated parking spaces, a sign must be
permanently installed designating the spaces for the exclusive use of the licensee (business name). A copy
of a contract or lease agreement for the spaces must be included with the application.

• Location

− Licensees with minimal license requirements must submit a photograph that clearly shows the place of
business (exterior of building and/or property), posted business name sign and area for licensed activity.
All application forms must be neatly printed in blue or black ink or typed.To be acceptable, they must be free from
strikeouts, whiteout (luid or tape), or corrections. All information requested must be complete and accurate.



Application for Original Occupational License, (Part C), OL 12

A. Ownership Information:

Enter the true full name(s), title, and Date of Birth of:

− The individual.

− Each partner (designate whether general or limited).

− Each principal officer and director, or stockholder of the corporation participating in the direction, control
and management of the policy of the business.

− Each member and manager of the Limited Liability Company participating in the direction, control and
management of the policy of the business.

− Each member of the Association participating in the direction control and management of the
B. Certiication:
Complete Section 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 depending on whether the ownership of the firm is an individual, partnership,
corporation, Limited Liability Company, or Association.

Original Application for Occupational License, (Part A), OL 21A
A. Firm Information: Check the box of the type license you are applying for. If applying for dealer, select
category and mark appropriate box for Autobroker.

B. Main Office: Enter the full name(s) of the individual, partners, Corporation, Limited Liability Company or

Firm Name: Enter your business name.

Firm Address, City, State, Zip Code: Enter your business address, city, state, and zip code

Area Code/Telephone Number: Enter your business area code and telephone number.

C. Check the Vehicles to be Sold, Manufactured or Distributed at This Location:

Check the appropriate
boxes for the type(s) of vehicles you will be selling.

D. Plate(s) Request: Enter the number of plates desired.

E. For Dismantler Only: N/A

F. For Manufacturer or Remanufacturer Only: N/A

G. Financial Institution Business Account Information:
Enter the name of the bank where business account is carried, the bank’s address, area code and telephone
Account Number: Enter the business account number.
Name of person authorized to draw funds or issue checks from account. Enter the name(s) of person(s)
authorized to draw funds or write checks from the account.
If bank account is not carried under same name as shown on this application, under what name is it
carried? Enter the name the account is carried under if not the same as your business.

H. Property Use Approval: Check the appropriate box, indicating whether your dealership’s location meets
property use requirements by either the city or the county.

I. Property Data: Check the appropriate box if the property is leased, rented, or owned.
Lease or Rental Period: Enter the lease or rental period.
Approximate Square Feet: Complete the size of the property in square feet.
If the property is leased or rented, complete the following: Enter the property owner’s full name, address,
city and telephone number.
Area Code/Telephone Number: Enter your business area code and telephone number.

J. Applicant Certiication: The person who signed the Application for Original Occupational License Part C, OL
12, must complete the certiication on this form.
Surety Bond Options
Applicants must submit one of the following:
• Surety Bond of Dealer, OL 25 ($50,000).
• Surety Bond of Motorcycle Dealer, Motorcycle Lessor-Retailer, All-Terrain Vehicle Dealer, or Wholesale-Only
Dealer (Less Than 25 Vehicles Per Year), OL 25B ($10,000).
• In lieu of one of the above surety bond forms, the following deposits (see NOTICE) may be accepted:
− Cash (forms OL 65 and OL 94).
− A passbook account assigned to DMV (forms OL 64 and OL 65).
− A certiicate of deposit made payable to DMV (form OL 65).
NOTICE: Pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 11710.2, the director may order the deposit returned at the
expiration of any of the following dates:
− Three (3) years from the date a licensee has ceased to do business. (Close of business must be reported
to DMV Inspector.)
− Three (3) years from the date a licensee has ceased to be licensed, if the director is satisied that there
are no outstanding claims against the deposit.
− Five (5) years from the date a licensee has secured and maintained a dealer bond (on a form speciied
above), and the director is satisied that there are no outstanding claims against the deposit.
− A judge of a superior court may order the return of the deposit prior to the expiration of the dates provided
upon evidence satisfactory to the judge that there are no outstanding claims against the deposit.

If you obtain a Surety Bond, it must be completed as follows:

• Sole owner

− Individual name and DBA firm name.

• Partnerships

− Names of all partners and DBA firm name.

• Corporations

− Corporate name and DBA; or

− Corporate name only if DBA is the same.

• Limited Liability Company

− Limited Liability Company name and DBA; or

− Limited Liability Company name only if DBA is the same.

• Association

− Association name and DBA; or

− Association name only if DBA is the same.

To be acceptable, the Surety Bond must:
• Be signed by the surety company.
Authorization to Release Financial Information, OL 53
1. Licensee Name: Enter your name. First, middle, last and your business name.
2. Firm Name: Enter the name of your business.
3. Financial Institution: Enter the name of the bank where business account is carried.
4. Signed: Sign your name.
5. Title: Enter your title.
6. Date: Date the application.

This form must be signed by a sole owner, all partners, a corporate officer, Limited Liability Company member/
manager, or Association member.


Certiicate of Proposed Franchise, OL 124

Required of new automobile, commercial, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, motorhome, and recreational trailer dealers
only. The OL 124 must be signed by a person on the ownership structure of the licensed manufacturer or distributor,
or by a licensed representative of the manufacturer or distributor. An OL 124 is required for each make being sold.


Property Use Veriication for Vehicle Dealers License, OL 902

This form is to be completed by an official of the agency responsible for zoning in your area and submitted with your
application for license to a Department Inspector.


Application For Occupational License, (Part B), Personal History Questionnaire, OL 29

The following individuals are required to complete personal history questionnaires and furnish a Request for Live
Scan Service receipt or Fingerprint Cards: 1) sole owners; 2) all partners; and 3) all individuals listed on the ownership
structure of the business.

A. Applicant Information
Name: Enter your name. Last, first, middle.
Business Area Code/Telephone Number: Enter the business area code and telephone number.
Residence address: Enter address, city, county and zip code.
Home Area Code/Telephone Number: Enter your home area code and telephone number.
Date of Birth, Sex, Color Hair, Eye Color, Height, and Weight.
Driver License/Identiication Number: Enter your Driver License/Identiication Number.
Issuing State: Enter the state that issued your Driver License/Identiication.
Expiration Date: Enter the expiration date of your Driver License/Identiication Number
Social Security Number: Enter your social security number.

B. Employment History for the Past Three Years: Begin with your most recent job. List each separately.
List your employment for the last three (3) years.

C. Education: List your education.

D. Background Information:

1. Have you ever been known by or used any name other than the name appearing on this questionnaire?
Answer yes or no. If yes, list name(s). Examples: Robert Joseph Smith, Robert J. Smith, Bob Smith

2. Have you previously been or are you now licensed or have you ever applied in this state as a vehicle
salesperson, representative, distributor, dealer, registration service, dismantler, manufacturer,
remanufacturer, transporter, vehicle veriier, lessor-retailer, driving school owner, operator, or
instructor, traffic violator school owner, operator or instructor or all-terrain vehicle safety training
organization or instructor? Answer yes or no. If yes, list license number: If you do not remember the
number, indicate so.

3. Have you ever had a business or occupational license issued by this department or an application for
such license refused, revoked, suspended or subjected to other disciplinary action or were you ever
a partner, managerial employee, officer, director, or stockholder in a firm licensed by this department,
and the license was revoked, suspended or subject to other disciplinary action? Answer yes or no. If
yes, list license number, type of license, action by department, and date of action.

4. Were you ever the holder of an occupational license issued by another state, authorizing the same
or similar activities of a license, and that license was revoked or suspended for cause and was never
reissued, or was suspended for cause, and the terms of suspension have not been fulilled? Answer
yes or no. If yes, describe type of license, list license number, and state license was issued.

5. Have you ever had a civil judgement rendered against you? Answer yes or no.
If yes, was it a result of your activity under an occupational license issued by this department?
Answer yes or no. If yes, state amount and whether paid or unpaid.

6. Were you ever a partner, managerial employee, officer, director, or stockholder in a firm that had a
civil judgement rendered against it? Answer yes or no. If yes, state amount and whether paid or unpaid.

7. Have you ever declared bankruptcy or were you ever a partner, managerial employee, officer, director,
or stockholder in a irm that declared bankruptcy? Answer yes or no. If yes, give date bankruptcy filed
and name and location of court of jurisdiction and indicate personal or business.

8. Do you currently have any criminal charges pending against you in any jurisdiction? Answer yes or
no. If yes, state the court, case number and the nature of the charges.

9. Answer questions 9(a) – (d).These questions relate to any disciplinary actions, dismissals, demotions,
adverse action from employment or involvement in any civil or administrative cases, etc. Answer yes
or no. If yes, provide details.

10. All Applicants: ( Excluding traffic offenses ) Have you ever been convicted, placed on probation,
or released from incarceration following conviction for any crime or offense, either Felony or
Misdemeanor, of any jurisdiction within the last ten (10) years. Answer yes or no. Include any conviction
where you were pardoned, pled nolo contendere, or where the conviction was expunged, dismissed, set
aside or removed from the record under Penal Code Section 1203.4.


Read the information in the IMPORTANT NOTICE box. Applicants Initials Required: Initial the form.
IMPORTANT NOTE: A background investigation is conducted on all applicants. Failure to disclose any/all
convictions may result in the refusal, denial, or revocation of your license.
E. Misdemeanor or Felony Convictions: List all convictions.
F. Applicant Certiication: Enter the city, state, and title.
Signature: Sign your name.
Date: Date the application.
Applicants with convictions, prior departmental actions, business bankruptcies, and/or outstanding
civil judgements related to the automobile industry, must file an Abbreviated Application.


Appointment of Director as Agent for Service or Process,ADM 9050

The Appointment of Director as Agent for Service or Process enables the service of legal process on the Director of
Motor Vehicles in the extended absence of the licensed principal. The Appointment of Director as Agent for Service
or Process must agree exactly with the wording on the application or it will be rejected. Required for each person
listed under ownership on OL 12.


Request for Live Scan Service, DMV 8016

Every person applying for an Occupational License must furnish a copy of their Request for Live Scan Service
receipt when submitting their application to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Live Scan is an inkless electronic ingerprinting process. The fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the
Department of Justice (DOJ) for completion of a criminal background check.
Contact your local Police Department, Sheriff’s Office, or District Education Office to determine the Live Scan site
nearest you.There are more than 130 facilities throughout the state and at least one in each county. Call in advance,
some locations are by appointment only. A photo ID will be required. A Live Scan list is available from DOJ’s Live
Scan internet address at
The live scan fingerprinting service fee varies. The cost to electronically fingerprint the applicant is determined by
the local live scan agency. According to DOJ, they can charge a fee sufficient to recover their costs. The $32 DOJ
criminal record check fee is also collected at the live scan site.
If you have been previously licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles, Occupational Licensing (within the past
3 years), please complete Question #2 on the Personal History Questionnaire (OL 29) and do not complete the
Request For Live Scan Service.


Fingerprint Card,ADM 1316
A fingerprint card must be submitted for out-of-state applicants only. Fingerprint cards may be obtained by calling
Occupational Licensing at (916) 229-3126 or contacting your local Inspector. Fingerprints must be taken at a local
law enforcement agency either the Police Department or Sheriff’s Office.



Submit the required fees, forms, and documents to your local Inspector (this can be done at the time of exam). To
ensure an Inspector will be available to assist you, please call for an appointment. Detailed office information is
available at


Upon receipt of a complete application for a license which is accompanied with the appropriate fee, the department
shall, within 120 days, make a thorough investigation of the information contained in the application (11704(b)
A complete application is one that contains all the necessary completed forms (e.g., documents, bond, letters
of authorization, signatures, fees, etc.), as required for the issuance of a license. Incomplete applications will be
returned to the applicant for correction and/or deiciency(ies).


Permits and supplies to operate will be issued by an Inspector only after all requirements are fulilled, the background
check performed is clear, and your location has been inspected and approved.


The purpose of an abbreviated application is to allow applicants with convictions, prior departmental actions,
business bankruptcies, and/or outstanding civil judgments related to the automobile industry, to discover if a license
will be issued or reissued without incurring the possible unnecessary expenses of obtaining a bond, establishing a
place of business, and/or attending a dealer education program.
To expedite the review process, applicants with convictions may submit certiied copies of the arresting agencies
report and the court documents with their application.
An abbreviated application must be submitted to determine your eligibility for a license.
An abbreviated application consists of the following fees and documents:
• $175 Nonrefundable application fee
• $ 1 Family Support Program Fee
• OL 12, Application for Original Occupational License (Part C)
• OL 21A, Original Application for Occupational License (Part A)
• OL 29, Personal History Questionnaire (Part B)
• ADM 1316 Fingerprint Card (out-of-state applicants only).
• DMV 8016 Request For Live Scan Service (receipt).
If you are considering submitting an abbreviated application, contact the Occupational Licensing Inspector in your
area for assistance.

Applicants applying for a used dealer or dealer-wholesale only must attend a dealer education program and pass a
written examination administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles before submitting their application (11704.5
The purpose of this program is to ensure that applicants are aware of the laws and regulations governing the
operation of a used vehicle dealership in California.

• What is a Dealer Education Provider?

A dealer education program provider is a private vendor who has been authorized by the DMV to instruct
potential applicants for a used vehicle dealer license on laws and regulations governing the operation of a used
vehicle dealership in California. Dealer Education Provider’s are listed on our website at:

• Who is required to successfully complete a dealer education program?
− Sole owner
− All partners who manage the business
− A corporate officer who manages the business

• Who is not required to successfully complete a dealer education program?
− A person applying for a new vehicle dealer’s license or any employee of that dealer.
− A person who holds a valid license as an automobile dismantler, an employee of that dismantler, or an
applicant for an automobile dismantler’s license.
− A person applying for a motorcycle only dealer’s license or any employee of that dealer.
− A person applying for a trailer only dealer’s license or any employee of that dealer.
− A person applying for an all-terrain only dealer’s license or any employee of that dealer.

• Where do I go after I successfully complete the dealer education class?

After successfully completing the class you will be issued a completion certiicate. You must contact a DMV
Inspector in your area to take the test. The test consists of 40 questions and must be passed with at least 70%
For testing appointments and information regarding a dealer’s license, please call one of the Inspectors in your
You must present your original completion certiicate, issued by the provider, and your current California driver’s
license or California identiication card to take the test.

NOTE: Completion certiicates issued for completion of approved dealer education programs will be valid for
submission with new dealer license applications for a period of only one year from the date of program completion
(268.08[b] CA Code of Regulations).

• Is there a charge to take the test?
Yes, you will be charged $16 to take the test. If you do not pass, you may retake the test after a seven (7) day
waiting period.You will be charged $16 each time the test is taken.

• What if I can’t pass the test?
If, after three attempts, you cannot pass the test, you will be referred to the education provider listed on your
completion certiicate to determine if additional training is needed.

• Can I submit my application before attending the dealer education class?
Applications for a used vehicle dealer’s license will not be accepted by the department without proof of completion
of the used dealer education program and proof of successfully passing the examination or proof of being
licensed as a vehicle dealer within the past 36 months.

• Where can I obtain application forms?
You may call at (916) 229-3126 or download the application from the Internet at

how do licensed car dealers complete the vehicle registration for the buyer ???

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novato licensed car dealers from the #realcardealerschool @gotplate

we are licensed in novato to teach

dmv certified car dealer education


here are the licensed car dealers in novato


dlr plate


Click on Business Name for additional license information.

Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 16087…Main Office…Business started: 10/27/1993
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 43668…Main Office…Business started: 12/20/2008…Add’l name(s): BEST CHOICE AUTO SALES LLC
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 49425…Main Office…Business started: 09/27/2011…Add’l name(s): GOLDEN GENERAL CONTRACTORS INC
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 55115…Branch Office…Business started: 04/09/2002
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 22669…Main Office…Business started: 02/09/1994
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 09144…Main Office…Business started: 04/26/1984…Add’l name(s): NOVATO FORD INC
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 45850…Main Office…Business started: 12/09/2009…Add’l name(s): VINTAGE OAKS MOTOR INC
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 01257…Main Office…Business started: 03/30/1970…Add’l name(s): MAC ANDY BOAT/R V STORAGE INC MAC ANDY MOTORS
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 86297…Main Office…Business started: 07/28/2014…Add’l name(s): CAPPO MANAGEMENT XXVIII INC
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 83891…Main Office…Business started: 09/30/2013
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 12628…Main Office…Business started: 11/10/1992
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 00718…Main Office…Business started: 08/12/1966…Add’l name(s): NOVATO AUTO CENTER INC NOVATO AUTO CENTER INC
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 43636…Main Office…Business started: 11/12/2008…Add’l name(s): NOVATO CAR WASH INC
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 45455…Main Office…Business started: 10/01/2014…Add’l name(s): VELOCITY PRIME AUTOMOTIVE INC
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 59640…Main Office…Business started: 03/03/2004…Add’l name(s): CHEVROLET OF NOVATO INC
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 05617…Main Office…Business started: 04/08/1970…Add’l name(s): PAN AMERICAN MOTORS INC
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 11776…Main Office…Business started: 02/13/1991…Add’l name(s): RANDALL BROS AUTOMOTIVE INC
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 59779…Branch Office…Business started: 04/27/2004…Add’l name(s): RCU SERVICES GROUP
Vehicle Dealer/Broker…License: 44823…Main Office…Business started: 07/20/2009

home based licensed wholesale collector can do very well

Classic car restoration in Los Angeles is easer to accomplish than in other cities, most of which are less car-centric. One of the largest cities and well known for its restored muscle cars and vintage vehicles, Los Angeles has numerous shops, parts stores and artists to take advantage of.

When it comes to classic car restoration, Southern California holds the title. If you are looking for a car already restored to buy, this is an excellent place to look for what you want, and you’ll probably find it
The low riders of Los Angeles breed an artist that can produce such great paint jobs on your car that no one else will have one like it. The classic and vintage car enthusiasts have a great population of experienced painters and artists at their disposal that can do anything from simple flags to complex scenes on the hood, roof or side panels
Parts that can be difficult to find in other parts of the country will be easier found here, due to the population of vehicles
There are many car clubs and enthusiasts to join up with in the LA area. Restoring your car is a good thing, but taking it out and enjoying the company of other drivers is an incredible experience
Southern California is one of the best places for auction houses selling vintage cars, restored or otherwise. If you have a car in mind, you can probably find it in one of these auction houses, or they will find it for you
Los Angeles has all the famous runs of beaches and ocean view highways that take cars up and down the beautiful coastline. Nowhere else do you have this mix that was made so famous in the 1950s and 60s by movie stars and rock and roll groups
There are classes, schools and shops that offer the training you need. With all the shops around you could hardly be in a better place than to become part of one of them for your experience. There is always room for another top restoration expert
Car Restoration in California

While there are great restoration professionals across the country, California has far more of them. Also, California hosts more car shows that just about any other state in the county. California has also become known for its environmental regulations when it comes to auto related work. Not only can you find the expert restoration resources in California, you can find many opportunities to show off your newly restored car, and do it guilt free knowing that it has been restored in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Restoration Experts
There are nearly two-thousand, five hundred auto restoration shops listed in California. This is a staggering number, and almost guarantees you can find an expert in restoration, regardless of the type of restoration you are considering. Whether your restoration is a collector’s car, a muscle car, a hot rod, or a drifter, you will find a shop that can do the job and do it well. There are a number of shops that are featured on various network TV shows, which gives a prime opportunity to showcase some of their more difficult and prestigious restorations that are included in their portfolio.

Auto Shows
There are well over three car shows per week in California. According to one schedule, there were nearly two hundred and thirty car shows scheduled in various areas around California in the year 2010. This provides any owner of a restored or custom car an opportunity to enter it in several different shows throughout the year, which for many, is one of the primary motives for a restoration or custom creation. Show cars range from antique Model As to totally unique drifters, and appeal to a wide variety of owners and admirers alike.

Environmental Factors
There have been a variety of relatively new laws passed in California mandating that various businesses involved in the auto repair and restoration industry adhere to practices and procedures to reduce the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that were inherently produced in this type of industry. Several studies in the late 1990s proved auto repair and restoration facilities could run as efficiently and could actually lower their operating costs by using aqueous cleaning methods. The result of these studies was a significantly reduced rate of VOC production by these participating shops. The studies ultimately resulted in new regulations for all auto repair facilities in California, which means lowered VOCs, lower operating costs for shop owners, and (at least in theory) lower overall expenses for services.

Related Questions and Answers

Who are the Biggest Classic Car Dealers in California?

California is Classic Car heaven, so there are a number of classic car dealers in California. No matter what make and model you want to buy, if you look hard enough, you’re going to find it in California. There are two dealers in California that stand out from all the rest. Both of these dealers are located in Northern California, in the San Francisco Bay Area. The first, Specialty Sales has three locations to serve you better and has been in business since 1978. In business since 1989, Kassabian Motors is the other popular classic car dealer in California.

Where are some Classic Auto Salvage Yards in California?

There are a number of auto salvage yards in California and many of these specialize in classic cars. One of these, Memory Lane, is used by a number of cable television automotive shows. Memory Lane is located in Wilmington, California. Yardquest is a website that lists all salvage yards in California. On the Yardquest site, you can easily locate a salvage yard near you and contact them to find the part or parts that you need. Another site that lists salvage yards in California is Used Wrecking Yards. Both of these sites are excellent resources allowing you to find a salvage yard in your area.

Where can I find Classic Cars for Sale in Los Angeles?

You’re looking for classic cars for sale in Los Angeles. There are a number of ways that you can buy this type of car. Newspaper classifieds, eBay and classic car sales magazines are all popular ways to find cars of any type. However, you’re more comfortable dealing with a car dealer. In Los Angeles and surrounding environments, you will have a number of options. West Coast Classics is one of the largest and most popular classic car dealers in the Los Angeles area. WCC is located in Santa Monica. Chequered Flag Sales, located in Marina del Rey, specializes in classic and exotic cars.

Are there any Classic Car Shows in California?

Every year there are literally hundreds of classic cars shows in California. The biggest and most comprehensive listing of all of these shows available online can be found at Car Show News & Classic Auto Events. The site currently only has two shows listed for 2011, but this will change as event organizers decide on dates and places. Another good site to check out for classic car shows is The HubCap Café is another excellent resource for locating California car shows. Between the three sites listed here, you’ll be sure to find a classic car show near you

silicon valley disruptive technology car dealer school

imagine a car dealer school

designed to teach compliance

to silicon valley used car dealer startups

employing the latest in disruptive technology

without breaking every rule in the current dmv handbook

some of the rogue startups

have actually taken our class



most used car dealer startups are rogue lawless used car dealers

we would teach them to obtain licenses for all of their locations

@beepi @instamotor @roadsterusa

@carkibo @shift_cars @renovomotors

all currently operate from unlicensed car dealer locations

licensed car locations require

the use of dmv form OL902


we would teach them to adher to the FTC truth in advertising statutes

@try_carlypso is a

licensed used car dealer

but denys that truth on its website


we would teach them to properly

prepare a consignment agreement

to legally be allowed to resell cars

with your retail car dealer license

@shift_cars @carkibo @renovomotors

currently have no retail car dealer license




we would teach them to properly prepare and announce

each vehicle offered for sale with

VIN, current smog, division 12 safety check,

& vehicle history report

none of the used car startups

post FTC buyers guides

on vehicles offered for sale


we would teach them to have all sales personnel

regardless of title

be licensed as california licensed salespersons

none of the used car startups 

require sales licenses for sales staff

dmv salesperson application


we would teach them the proper sales techniques

including the car buyers written option for return

the FTC required buyers guide with warranty options

the spanish copy offer for spanish surnamed buyers

and the legally mandated sales contract for all buyers

none of the used car startups offer

return options, warranty options,

spanish documents or conditional sales contracts

 on vehicles offered for sale


we would teach them how to post a

temporary sales permit on each vehicle

and properly report sales taxes to the board of equalization

and registration fees to the department of motor vehicles

none of the used car startups

post ROS figures with the state board of equalization


just a few basic flaws in every disruptive technology used car sales model we have examined

@beepi @carkibo @shift_cars @roadsterusa

@renovomotors @instamotors @try_carlypso

2015 has become the

year of the rogue outlaw used car dealer

dmv car dealer license complaint form



consumer protection

buyer disclosure

sales tax fraud


just a few flaws in the current crop of used  car disruptive technology startups


dmv certified car dealer education

since 1998



Auto Broker Training





Autobroker s Endorsement

An autobroker’s endorsement requires payment of fees as required by subdivision (d) of Section 9262 of the California Vehicle Code.

A dealer may not engage in brokering a retail sales transaction without having an autobroker’s endorsement to their dealer’s license.

Upon issuance of an autobroker’s endorsement to a dealer’s license, the department shall furnish the dealer with an autobroker’s log.  The autobroker’s log remains the property of the department and may be taken at any time for inspection.

The autobroker’s log must contain the following information with respect to each retail sale brokered by that dealer:

  • Vehicle identification number of brokered vehicle
  • Date of brokering agreement
  • Selling dealer’s name, address, and dealer number
  • Name of consumer
  • Brokering dealer’s name, address, and dealer number (CVC Section 11735)

A dealer who brokers a motor vehicle sale shall deposit directly into a trust account any purchase money, including purchase deposits, it receives from a consumer or a consumer’s lender.

  • All trust accounts required by CVC Section 11737 shall be maintained at a branch of a bank, savings and loan association, or credit union regulated by the state or the government of the United States.


ready to call



have you thought about your very own car dealer license ???


Why Not Get Your Very Own Car Dealer’s License?

1.  Car Dealer Auction Access

2.  Wholesale Acquisition from Franchise new car Dealers

3.  Sell as many cars as you like

4.  Personal Use of car dealer license plates

5.  Efficient Acquisition of vehicles

6.  Expenses become deductible as a business owner

7.  Network existing contacts into additional car sales

8.  Broker new Cars and make a finders fee

9.  Wholesale tax free parts and repairs

10.  Incredible savings even if you are a part time home based wholesale dealer


we make it simple for you to get licensed



check the status of any car dealer license in the dmv database

Occupational License Status Information System

Welcome to the DMV Online Occupational License Status Information System

Changes to Occupational Licensing information are updated daily

This system offers information for these business categories:

  • ATV School
  • Dismantler
  • Distributor
  • Driving School
  • Lessor-Retailer
  • Manufacturer
  • Registration Services
  • Remanufacturer
  • Traffic Violator School License
  • Traffic Violator School Provider
  • Transporter
  • Vehicle Dealer (including Autobroker)
  • Vessel Agent

To begin the search for an Occupational License Status of interest, please click the ‘Start Search’ button below.

Login/Registration is not required for this online service.

For more information, please refer to the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

@truecar responds to unfair business practices lawsuit


SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — TrueCar, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRUE) has always been committed to improving the car-buying experience for all participants, including consumers, dealers and manufacturers.

We are aware that a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the California New Car Dealers Association (“CNCDA”), a trade association that seeks a declaration from the Los Angeles Superior Court as to whether TrueCar qualifies as a dealer or autobroker under Californialaw. To be clear, the complaint does not affirmatively seek any monetary relief from TrueCar, our network of Certified Dealer partners, or anyone else.

TrueCar is confident it can demonstrate the compliance of our business model with California law. We fail to understand how the CNCDA believes that it is serving the interests of its members by seeking a declaration that approximately half of those members are violating California law through their relationships with TrueCar.

It is telling that the lawsuit was filed by a trade association and not by any actual California dealers, consumers, or governmental agency charged with the responsibility for enforcing the very laws that are at issue in the lawsuit. We believe the reason is simple: TrueCar operates in compliance with California law.

TrueCar has invested a tremendous amount of resources to ensure its compliance with all applicable laws, including specifically the laws at issue in this litigation. TrueCar has always proactively maintained an open dialogue with the regulators charged with the oversight of these laws in order to answer any questions regulators may have regarding TrueCar’s operations and the compliance of those operations with applicable law. These regulators understand our business model and have taken no enforcement action against us since we began operating in California in 2005.

The California Legislative Counsel Bureau has previously considered whether a web-based service that operates in the same manner as TrueCar constitutes an autobroker under California law. Contrary to the allegations in the CNCDA’s complaint, the Legislative Counsel Bureau concluded that the operation of such a service “does not constitute autobrokering” and the operator of the service “is not a dealer” within the meaning of applicable law.

As recently as October 2014, TrueCar met with representatives of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, which is the regulatory body charged with enforcement of the statutes at-issue in the CNCDA’s complaint. After analyzing TrueCar’s business operations in depth, including specifically those challenged by this lawsuit, the DMV did not request that TrueCar make any changes to its California business operations.

In short, we are proud of the service that we deliver to our users, participating dealers, affinity partners, and manufacturers. If this lawsuit is allowed to proceed we welcome the opportunity to address the issues raised and we expect to be fully vindicated.

Forward-Looking Statements
This press release contains forward-looking statements, including statements regarding the successful resolution of litigation to which TrueCar is subject. Actual results could differ materially from those contemplated by these forward-looking statements. Refer to the Risk Factors sections of TrueCar’s annual report on Form 10-K for 2014 and subsequent quarterly report on Form 10-Q filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a discussion of the factors that could cause results to differ materially. All forward-looking statements in this press release are based on information available to management as of the date hereof. TrueCar disclaims any obligation to update these forward-looking statements.

About TrueCar
TrueCar, Inc. (NASDAQ: TRUE), the negotiation-free car buying and selling mobile marketplace, gives consumers transparent insight into what others paid and access to guaranteed savings off MSRP from TrueCar Certified Dealers. TrueCar’s network of more than 10,000 trusted Certified Dealers is committed to providing upfront pricing information and a hassle-free buying experience. TrueCar powers car-buying programs for some of the largest U.S. membership and service organizations, including AARP, American Express, AAA and USAA. Not all program features are available in all states. TrueCar is headquartered in Santa Monica, California, with offices in San Francisco and Austin, Texas. For more information, go to Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Logo –

SOURCE TrueCar, Inc.


all that talent and still not legal @beepi ???

we are students of the automotive sales industry

and retired law enforcement training officers

we run the largest dmv certified car dealer school in california

we have watched others pour millions

into failed disruptive technology attempts

look at carwoo

look at truecar

look at best offer

my 3 questions for the disruptive technology model are these

where are the buyers guides??

where are the happy stickers??

where are the insured dealer plates??

if you have not addressed these three significant questions

your $ 65M startup is doomed for failure

perhaps a copy of my resume??

can i apply for your dmv liasion position??


our $ 500 startup

born with love in san francisco



got dealer plates ??


von Arx Logo


General Liability – Commercial Property – Garage Liability – Commercial Auto – Umbrella & Excess

Worker’s Compensation – Professional Liability – Medical/Healthcare – Ocean Marine

Since 1985 we have provided affordable premiums with the correct coverage

for various business entities throughout California. We are experts in “problem solving”

for all lines of commercial coverages and specializing in challenging risks.

Receive service with your premium payments… Give us a call to see how we can help.

Direct 562.795.6611 x 14 | Fax 562.795.6655

Toll Free 800.986.6279 x 14 | Fax 800.818.1095

Jon L. von Arx,
President of J.L. von Arx & Associates Insurance Services

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